Charlotte Restaurant Week Summer 2011

Room 112 is participating in Charlotte Restaurant Week Summer 2011, July 15-24. We’ll be offering a special prix fixe menu for $30 per person (not including tax and gratuity). Visit for more information starting June 24. Don’t forget to make reservations – seating for this offers goes fast!

(select one of the following)

Callia Pinot Grigio, Argentina – Aromas are repeated delicately and elegantly in the mouth
Backhouse Chardonnay, California – Flavors of tropical fruit on the palate, crisp and clean
Carmenet Pinot Noir, Sonoma – Aromas abound with hints of strawberries and spice notes
Kirin Ichiban 22oz – Prominent wort, finest barley malt, premium hops, no bitter aftertaste
Sapporo Premium 22oz – Crisp taste, refreshing flavor and refined bitterness to leave a clean finish

(select one of the following)

Edamame + Seaweed Salad Sampler –  Lightly salted steamed soybeans and refreshing wakame seaweed salad duo
Salt + Pepper Calamari –  Flash fried calamari seasoned with salt + pepper
Scallop Yaki – Grilled scallops with teriyaki glaze
Tuna Tataki   Sliced pan-seared tuna served atop a bed of radish, served with a tangy ponzu sauce

(select one of the following)

Sushi Option (select one roll from each list)

List A

Pink Floyd – Tempura shrimp, spicy crab in soy paper + avocado, masago, tobiko, combination sauce
Leap – Spicy salmon + yellowtail, white tuna, avocado, crunch, tobiko, masago, spicy aioli
Cherry Blossom – Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado in soy paper + combination sauce

List B

112-Flash fried with tuna, avocado + masago, tobiko, scallions, spicy combination sauce
Salmon Dream-Spicy salmon + salmon, crunch, spicy aioli
Just Pete-Flash fried with smoked salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese + combination sauce

Pan Seared Sea Bass – Pan seared sea bass with teriyaki glaze atop steamed vegetables
Volcano Steak – Strips of tender steak seasoned and grilled, surrounded by four jumbo firecracker shrimp

(select one of the following)

Mochi Ice Cream – Japanese Mochi (pounded sticky rice) filled with ice cream (choose 2: Green Tea, Red Bean, Mango)
Chocolate Lava Cake – Moist cake with a flowing rich chocolate center, served with vanilla ice cream

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