About Room 112

Pedigree. The French call it de pure race, the Italians di razza, and in the language of food it translates as elegance, finesse, succulence, and expertise.

It’s as if Andy and Adrian Chen were living the exact same adventures just in different lives. With dual family histories dedicated to many pursuits but the tastiest being taking care of people with gorgeous food, it’s the stuff of dynasties. Pedigree has everything to do with the comfort in which you embody your place in the world and nothing to do with being pompous, and after 40+ collective years the Queen City’s regents of flavor have made themselves at home in uptown.

Via the freshest ingredients, a sushi menu that caters to the novice and adventurer alike, and new interpretations of classic Chinese favorites, Room 112 is Asian fusion so chic and inviting you’ll never tire of being treated so well. Imagine the foodie’s version of Coco Chanel inviting you into her sumptuous studio and insisting that you kick back, relax, and stay awhile while she serves you. When you see Andy working the knives and Adrian walking the floor you’ll know you’re in good, capable, and elegant hands.

Roll through. Make yourself at home. The room was designed for you.

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