Spring Roll 1.50
Thin crispy shell + vegetables

Edamame 4.95
Lightly salted steamed soy beans

Gyoza (6pcs) 5.95
Japanese style dumplings stuffed with chicken + pork, served fried or steamed

Crispy Tofu 5.95
Crispy flash fried tofu cubes, served with dipping sauce

Tempura Oyster (4pcs) 6.95
Served with sweet chili sauce

Soft Shell Crab 7.95
Flash fried soft shell crab topped with seaweed salad + masago in combination sauce

Salt + Pepper Calamari 8.95
Flash fried calamari seasoned with salt + pepper

Tuna Tataki 10.95
Sliced pan seared tuna served atop a bed of radish, served with a tangy ponzu sauce

Soups + Salads

Miso Soup 2.50
Seaweed, tofu + scallions

Wonton Soup 2.50
Chinese chicken dumplings + scallions

Seafood Hot + Sour Soup 3.95
Mixed seafood, enoki mushrooms, tofu + egg whites

House Salad 3.95
Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber served w/ ginger dressing

Grilled Asian Chicken Salad 8.95
Strips of grilled chicken atop a bed of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, served with ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad4.95 / Cucumber Salad5.95 / Volcano Salad6.95 /
Squid Salad6.95 / Sashimi Salad*7.95